Glioma Microglia RNA Expression

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This online tool was developed to make mouse glioma microglia RNA sequencing data interactively available to anyone to explore. Microglia were isolated from control (non-tumor bearing) (Control Microglia) and GL261 tumor bearing mice. The microglia from tumor bearing brains were further separated based on the uptake of GFP-positive extracellular vesicles (EVs). This separation makes it possible to pinpoint the microglia that are most actively associated with the tumor (EV-GFPpos tumor microglia) and the microglia that are further away from the tumor (EV-GFPneg tumor microglia). For each selected gene the RNA expression, differential expression and additional information from external databases is displayed.

This tool was build using the Laravel PHP framework and the Bootstrap framework. The gene expression plots are generated using JS and external information on the mouse genes is extracted from the Alliance of Genome Resources API.

Further technical details will be added when the manuscript is accepted.